The Forest & The Trees

When it comes to data, sometimes you need to see them both.

The Trees

We work on the details, neatly stacking and arranging them in spreadsheets horizontally into rows, and sometimes vertically into columns. No matter how much we record, check, prepare, and re-check the details, it may be too far down in the “weeds” to serve as an effective means of briefing our management or other key stakeholders.

There are times when management may not have room in their busy schedules to go over the numbers or descriptions on a spreadsheet in detail. They may just need a “high-level” overview.


The Forest

See the forest - A picture is worth a thousand words or in this case a thousand “trees” – figuratively speaking, that is.  A well-constructed front-end user interface (UI) developed around stored asset data can provide quick access views for examining your data at a high level for those times you need to see the big picture.

But still see the trees – Cleverly pre-programmed buttons give users access to built-in queries, that, with a click of a button, provide them with full feature details such as serial number, make, and model, for example.

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